Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Me and Twitter

I first started using Twitter for personal-social reasons. At first i didn't like it because I was used to Facebook's layout of posts, comments and pictures. Twitter at first seems like everyone's random thoughts with other people's comments all mixed up in one place. Even thought that is basically twitter people start to get used to it and then it seems normal. The battle between Facebook and Twitter for the best social-network is still going on. 

In my education class SEDU183 we are learning to incorporate twitter and other technological help into the classroom for teachers to use.  These classroom twitter activities have helped me enjoy twitter more by interacting with the class and teacher via twitter.  It makes work more fun and productive learning how hashtags (#) and other things can connect people of a common interest. 

For example the class had an entire group sessions at arranged times to talk about different topics by tweeting and adding #SEDU183 to every tweet.  This could be used by teachers in a Community of Practice.  Anyone who sees one of the tweets can join in if they want just by typing the same hashtag.
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Today we took a silent group test to use test our twitter skills and group knowledge.  To communicate with each other we were allowed to talk within #SEDU183quiz1. This was entertaining in a way and very much thought provoking.  It lead me to think of ways to incorporate social-networking into my future classroom.  Maybe I'll have my class collaborate on project and homework over twitter or whichever new social network rises by that time.  Maybe ill even create my own website/social-network designed just for student collaboration through projects and other assignments.


  1. I agree, I didn't like Twitter because I was too used to Facebook. To this day I still like Facebook better. But I do like how involved we are in our sedu class with Twitter. Someday I hope to be able to incorporate Twitter into the classroom when I become a teacher. Nice post, I like how you added the actual twitter button into the post!

  2. It's good to see that you are using this experience to think of ways to incorporate technology into your future class room!

  3. Okay, well I guess I agree that I am use to facebook, so therefore, I do not really understand twitter. I have only used twitter once before today, it is definately a learning process! You have a pretty open mind because I am still sitting here saying why are we using twitter??? I still have a lot to learn so hopefully this class helps me understand everything better. Good luck with your future plans, your blog design is really nice and reflects who you are!